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Assessing Mobility & Movement Patterns

Hi everyone, we were very fortunate to be joined today by one of our members, Bill Feldhake. Bill is a physical therapist and owns and operates Specialized Physical Therapy, along with his wife Aimee. In the series of videos below, Bill walks us through how to assess movement dysfunctions and gives us the tools we need to improve our daily movement patterns inside and outside the gym:

There is a lot of video content below so we've chopped it up for you to watch in chunks or pick out the area you know you are struggling with and focus there:

Intro and Sequence of the Testing:

Active Straight Leg Raise - Mobility

Squat Screen

Ankle - Screen & Mobility

Squat - Patterning

Hip - Screen & Mobility

Upper Body - Screen

Upper Body - Mobility

Squat - Forward Lean Dysfunction

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