Sunday, June 6th




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Workout 1

Max Reps at Each Station:

Station 1:
Strict Handstand Push Up/Wall Walk
*Partner Holds KBs

Station 2:
Ring Muscle Up/Pull Up
*Partner Dead Hang

Station 3:
Synchro Dumbbell Clusters

-3 Minutes at Each Station
1 Minute Rest/Transition between Stations

RX: Strict Handstand Pushups & 70/53# Kettlebells, Ring Muscle Ups & Bar Hang, 50/35# Dumbbells

Open: Wall Walks & 50/35# Kettlebells, Pull-ups & Bar Hang, 35/25# Dumbbells

*Each 3 minute station is scored separately. These scores will be weighted to half of all other competition workouts. (i.e. first place = .5 points, second place = 1 point, third place = 1.5 points, etc.) 

Workout 2

AMRAP x 8:00

12/9 Calorie Bike

9 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar

6 Snatch (RX: 155/105#, Open: 95/65#)


-2 min rest-


At the 10:00 mark (6:00 time cap)

48/36 Calorie Bike

36 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar

24 Snatch (RX: 155/105#, Open: 95/65#)


*Athletes MUST alternate full movements on the AMRAP and may split reps anyway they want on the chipper.

Floater #1

For Time:

MEN: 2000m Row

WOMEN: 1600m Row

* Anything goes. Athletes may split meters. 

Floater #2

For Max Total Weight (6:00 Time Cap)


1 Deadlift

1 Hang Clean

1 Front Squat

*Each partner must complete the full complex

**The score for this workout is the total weight

for both athletes added together.


Heat Times


2021 FAQs

How do I know which division I should be in? 

Check out the movement standards list on our Facebook page "Battle at the Rock". You will find all potential movements and weight loads. 


How big are the teams? 

This is a two person team (M/M or F/F) competition with RX and Open divisions. 

Is there an RX Division? 

Yes, we have an RX Division again this year and we will be paying cash prizes for the Top 3 Teams for the Men's and Women's Divisions!


Is there a Masters Division? 

Not this year, but be sure to look out for our individual competition on October 3rd, 2021 - The 9th Annual Battle at the Rock!

Are there T-Shirts for the Competition? 

Yes! Be sure to register no later than May 9th to guarantee your correct size. We will have some extras for registrants after the May 9th, but no guarantees on sizes.

Will there be an area to set up tents, blankets, etc. to hang out during the day? 

Yes, we will have our main parking lot available for "tent city", as well as sponsors, food trucks, recovery, etc. Please keep in mind that all athletes and spectators will be required to adhere to any state/local social distancing guidelines.

Is there a warm-up area? 

Yes, we have a warm-up area reserved for athletes only.

Are there restrooms available? 

There will be restrooms for athletes, volunteers, and spectator use.

Are there prizes? 

We will be giving out awards to our top 3 athletes in all divisions - Cash prizes will be awarded for podium finishers in the RX divisions.

Are refunds available if I can't make it? 

We will not be offering refunds. Tickets can be transferred to another team within 7 days of the competition start date. Email for any transfer requests.

Do I need to wear a mask? 

We will be following state guidelines and regulations regarding masks and will keep you updated on requirements as competition time approaches.

Are spectators allowed?

We will be following state guidelines and regulations regarding masks and will keep you updated on requirements as competition time approaches.


What if I don't want to compete but would like to volunteer? 

Awesome! Email us at for more information. We would love your help!

Can I bring my dog? 

We love dogs, but to avoid any allergy related issues, we ask that you keep your pets at home.