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October 10th 

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2021 Workouts

01 & 02

For Time: (6:00 Time Cap)

- 20 Thrusters
(RX: 155/105#; Open/40+: 95/65#; 55+: 75/55#)

- 30 Toes to Bar

- 40/32 Calorie Row

* Reps may be divided any way athlete chooses

At the 6:00 mark (6:00 Time Cap)

1 Rep Max Snatch
* Any form of Snatch

** Athlete may not change weight on their bar for the snatch until the 6:00 mark.


AMRAP x 8:00: 

10/7 Cal Bike

8 Pull-ups/C2B

6 Alt. DB Snatch

4 Burpees over DB

RX - Chest to Bar Pull-ups, 70/50# Dumbbell

Open/40+ - Pull-ups, 50/35# Dumbbell

55+ - 8 Pull-ups or 16 Jumping Pull-up Option, 35/20# Dumbbell


Floater Workout 01/

3 Rounds for Time (4:00 Time Cap)


15 Slam Balls

20 Box Jump Overs

RX Division - 40/30# Slam Ball, 24/20" Box

Open/40+ Divisions - 30/20# Slam Ball, 24/20" Box

55+ Division - 20/10# Slam Ball, 24/20" Box (step overs allowed)

Floater Workout 02/

For Time: 

Cross the foam pit, climb the cargo net, touch the metal 
beam at the top, cross back to the start of the foam pit, 
tag the start wall, cross the foam pit, tag the far wall of 
the foam pit, cross the foam pit, touch the start wall. Time.

*Same for all divisions.

2021 Workout Descriptions and Movement Requirements

Movement Requirements
Athlete Info

Workout 1 & 2:


RX: 155/105#
Open/40+ Masters: 95/65#
55+ Masters: 75/55#, 75 Hanging Knee Raise Option


FOR TIME: (6:00 time cap)

20 Thrusters 

30 T2B

40/32 Cal Row

*Reps may be divided any way athlete chooses

At the 6:00 mark: (6:00 time cap)

1 Rep Max Snatch

*Any form of snatch


For Workout #1, athletes will complete the required number of reps for each movement. Reps for each movement may be split however the athlete chooses. Athletes may begin wherever they like. If an athlete plans to begin on the row; they may start seated on the row but may not touch the handle until the call of GO. Athletes will be scored for their total time to complete all the required reps. If an athlete does not finish under the 6:00 time cap a second will be added to the athlete’s time for each rep not completed. Athletes that finish under the 6:00 time cap will rest until the 6:00 mark to begin Workout #2. Workout #2 is a 1 rep max snatch. Athletes may not adjust weight on their barbell until the 6:00 mark and will have 6:00 to find their 1 rep max snatch. The max weight lifted will be the athlete’s score for workout #2. 

Movement Requirements:



Each set of thrusters begins with the barbell on the ground. The crease of the athlete’s hip must clearly pass below the top of the knees in the bottom position. A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed when the bar is taken from the floor. The rep is credited when the athlete reaches full lockout with the barbell overhead. The athlete’s hips, knees, and arms must be fully extended, and the bar must be directly over, or slightly behind, the middle of their body. The rep must be completed in one fluid motion from the bottom of the squat. A front squat followed by a jerk is not allowed.  


In the toes to bar, the athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar in between the hands at the same time. At the start of each rep, the arms must be fully extended and the heels must be brought back behind the bar. Overhand, underhand or mixed grip are all permitted. The rep is complete when both feet come into contact with the pull-up bar at the same time, between the hands. Any part of the foot may make contact with the bar. 


For the 55+ Masters divisions, athletes may opt to complete 60 hanging knee raises to replace the 30 toes to bar. The athlete must inform their judge of whether they will complete standard toes to bar or the hanging knee raise. Athletes must choose one or the other and may not mix between the two options.  For the hanging knee raise, the athlete must go from a full hang to having the knees clearly above the hips. At the start of each rep, the arms must be fully extended and the heels must be brought back behind the bar. Overhand, underhand or mixed grip are all permitted. The rep is complete when the knees are above the hip crease. Should an athlete not complete all of the hanging knee raise reps in the 6:00, any incompleted reps will be divided by 2 for scoring purposes.


For the calorie row, athletes may complete in any way they choose. If an athlete chooses to break up the calories, credit will be given for the calories shown on the screen as long as the athlete is seated on the rower. Any rollover calories accumulated once the athlete gets off the rower will not be credited. Athletes must reset their rower each time they return to the rower.


Each rep begins with the barbell/plates touching the ground. The athlete can perform any form of snatch (muscle snatch, power snatch or squat snatch). The bar must get overhead in one motion, the bar may not pass through the shoulders (as in a clean & jerk). The rep is completed when the barbell is overhead, arms are locked out, hips and knees are both extended and feet are in line with the body. Dropping the bar from overhead is allowed, but it must stay in the athlete’s lane at all times.


Workout 3:


RX Divisions - Chest to Bar Pull-ups, 70/50# Dumbbell
Open/40+ Divisions - Pull-ups, 50/35# Dumbbell
55+ Divisions - 8 Pull-ups or 16 Jumping Pull-up Option, 35/20# Dumbbell



AMRAP x 8:00

10/7 Cal Bike
8 pull ups/c2b
6 Alt. DB Snatch
4 Burpees Over DB



Workout #3 is an 8:00 AMRAP, where athletes will work to accumulate as many rounds and reps as possible. Athletes may begin the workout seated on the bike, but may not begin to pedal until the call of GO. Athletes will complete all of their bike calories, 8 pull ups, 6 alternating dumbbell snatches and 4 burpees over the dumbbell as many times as possible in 8 minutes. 


Movement Requirements:


The athlete starts the workout seated on the bike with the screen turned on and ready to go prior to the clock starting. The athlete must remain seated on the bike until the 10/7 calories are shown on the display. The athlete MUST reset the display before beginning the next round. The judge may NOT reset the screen for the athlete.



This is a standard chin over bar pull-up for the Open and 40+/55+ Masters divisions. Strict, kipping or butterfly are all permitted as long as all the requirements are met. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with the athlete’s feet off the ground. The rep is credited when the chin is over clearly over the bar. Overhand, underhand or mixed grip are all permitted.



The RX divisions will complete chest to bar pull-ups. All standards are the same as the pull-up with the exception that the chest must clearly make contact with the bar.



The 55+ Masters divisions, athletes may opt to complete 16 jumping pull-ups to replace the 8 pull-ups. The athlete must inform their judge of whether they will complete chin over bar pull-ups or jumping pull-ups. Athletes must choose one or the other and may not mix between the two options. For the jumping pull-ups the athlete will have a box and/or plates to stand on so that the bar sits 4 inches below the wrist when standing and the arm fully extended overhead. Any athlete choosing jumping pull-ups will be measured by the head judge before the heat begins. The rep begins with the hands on the bar, and arms fully extended with the biceps at or in front of the ears. The athlete will then jump to reach chin over bar and return to the starting position. Should an athlete end the workout while performing jumping pull ups, any complete reps will be divided by 2 and then rounded for scoring purposes.



The dumbbell snatch starts with both heads of the dumbbell on the ground.  The athlete must lift the dumbbell overhead in one motion. A clean and jerk is not allowed. Touch-and-go is permitted. Bouncing the dumbbell is not allowed.  Athletes must alternate arms after each repetition and may not alternate until a successful rep is achieved.  The athlete may not use the non-lifting hand or arm to assist by making contact with the legs or other parts of the body during the repetition.  At the top, the athlete’s arms, hips, and knees must be fully locked out, with the dumbbell clearly over the middle of the athlete’s body when viewed from profile. The rep is credited once the athlete has reached lockout. The athlete may choose to do a split snatch. However, both feet must return in line under the athlete’s body while the dumbbell is locked out overhead for the repetition to count. 



In the lateral burpee over the dumbbell the athlete must be parallel to their dumbbell. The athletes must have the chest and thighs make contact with the ground at the same time. The rep is complete when both feet are on the opposite side of the dumbbell, a jump or step over are permitted.

Floater Workout 1:


RX Divisions - 40/30#, 24/20" 
Open/40+ Divisions - 30/20#, 24/20"
55+ Divisions - 20/10#, 24/20" (step overs allowed)


3 Rounds for Time (4:00 Time Cap)


15 Slam Balls

20 Box Jump Overs



Floater #1 is three rounds of 15 slam balls and 20 box jump overs.



Movement Requirements:


The slam ball begins with the ball on the ground, the athlete will then move the ball overhead in one fluid motion. The athlete must reach lockout with the arms fully extended over the center of the body, with hips and knees locked out as well. The athlete must then release the ball on the way back to the ground and catch the ball on the first bounce to complete the rep. 



A two-footed take off is required. The athlete may face the box or jump laterally.  Hips do NOT need to  fully extend on top of the box.  A jump down, step down or rebounding box jump are all acceptable. Clearing the box is also an option. For the 55+ Masters step ups are an option. The athlete must pass all the way over the box to the opposite side from which they started. Touching the box with anything other than the feet during a rep is not permitted. The rep is complete when the athlete’s feet touch the ground on the other side of the box.

2021 Athlete Information

Athlete heat times are available:     

                                                                   ATHLETE HEAT TIMES

                                                                    CLICK HERE

Parking Information: 


2021 FAQs

map-updated (1).jpg

How do I know which division I should be in? Check out the movement standards list on our Facebook page "Battle at the Rock". You will find all potential movements and weight loads.

Is there an RX Division? Yes, we have an RX Division again this year and we will be paying cash prizes for the Top 3 Athletes for the Men's and Women's Divisions!

Is there a Masters Division? Yes, we have two Masters Divisions this year for both Men and Women. One is 40+ and the other is 55+. Your age is based on how old you are on the day of the competition.

Are there T-Shirts for the Competition? Yes! Be sure to register no later than September ​​​​​​​12th to guarantee your correct size. We will have some extras for registrants after the 12th, but no guarantees on sizes.

Will there be an area to set up tents, blankets, etc. to hangout during the day? Yes, we will have our main parking lot available for "tent city", as well as sponsors, food trucks, recovery, etc. Please keep in mind that all athletes and spectators will be required to adhere to any state/local social distancing guidelines.

Is there a warm up area? Yes, we have a warm up area reserved for athletes only.

Are there restrooms available? There will be restrooms for athletes, volunteer and spectator use.

Are there prizes? We will be giving out awards to our top 3 athletes in all divisions - Open Men, Open Women, Masters Men and Masters Women. Cash prizes will be awarded for podium finishers in the RX divisions.

Are refunds available if I can't make it? Outside of a full event cancellation, we will not be offering refunds. Tickets can be transferred to another athlete within 7 days of the competition start date. Email for any transfer requests.

Are spectators allowed? Yes! Be sure to check announcements and posts regarding parking, spectator areas, etc.

What if I don't want to compete but would like to volunteer? Awesome! Email us at for more information. We would love your help!

Can I bring my dog? We love dogs, but to avoid any allergy related issues, we ask that you keep your pets at home.

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