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FAQs for Working Out at Home

Here are some quick FAQ's for when you are working out from home. If you have any additional questions or need clarification on anything below, add a comment at the bottom or email

What if I don’t have any equipment?

There is a ton of movements you can do at home without equipment. We can help you get creative with bodyweight movements. In addition, if you have a sealable bag or backpack at home that's all you need to add some weight. In our daily videos in SugarWOD we describe how to do the movements with a backpack. Here's a quick video on tips on loading a backpack:

How far is X00m?

From time to time, we will say to run a certain distance. We will couple this with a time domain we are looking for e.g. 400m or 2 minutes. If you are keen on measuring the exact distance here is a great tool:

On The Go Map

How do I see the videos in SugarWOD?

If you are not seeing the daily workout videos in SugarWOD make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app from the store:



What's the difference between Rx and Scaled? Rx refers to the prescribed workout or doing it as written. When you log your score in SugarWOD, if you did the workout as it was written, then mark it Rx. If you modified it in any way, mark it as scaled.

Should I be trying to do every workout as Rx?

No, the prescribed workout is a guideline. You should modify it to your current fitness level. Here is the general guide to modifications:

Weight movements: you can modify weighted movements by reducing the weight or doing the same movement with no weight at all.

Cardio movements (such as running, jump rope etc): we will give you a time domain to work within for these movements; e.g. run 400m or run for 2 minutes - this can be at a comfortable pace for you

Bodyweight or high rep movements (such as push-ups, pull-ups, burpees etc): we will give you either a set goal, such as complete in 2 sets, or a time domain, such as complete the burpees in 90 seconds. You can limit the reps you do here to fit within the goal. We usually reduce the reps down to either a 1/3 of the reps or 2/3's of the reps. This can be a good guide for your own modifications

What notes should I add?

It's a great habit to get in to add notes in the workout notes section. SugarWOD will return these notes to your whiteboard if we every re-do the workout. Good things to note are as follows:

- Generally how you felt before and during the workout

- If you modified, note in detail what modifications you made

- If you broke up reps, note how you did that

- What equipment you used

- Any tips for yourself for next time

How often should I do at home workouts?

This will often depend upon your goals, but we recommend 4-6 workouts a week with no more than 3 days working at high intensity in a row. You can still workout on the 4th day, just approach it as an active recovery day; think 60% effort, or being able to have a conversation during your workout.

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