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CRFIT Re-Opening!

Hi everyone!

We are very excited to re-open on Monday, May 25th, just in time for Murph! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In order to stay within the county regulations, we have to follow additional rules to safely re-open outlined below. Please read through all the bullets below thoroughly to ensure we are all staying within the guidelines set forth by the County.

Note: We will still be offering at-home workouts and daily video briefs for those who are not ready to re-enter the gym at this time

Updated Policies


โ— Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of any illness.

โ— Per guidelines, we will be limiting classes to 9 people, plus 1 coach for a max of 10.

โ— Registration is mandatory to attend class. To start, you will be limited to 4 classes per week. Class registration will be available 24 hours before class for Monday, May 25th, and 7 days before class for all other days. Registration will close 1 hour before class begins. We want to give everyone every opportunity to attend as many classes as possible. If this leads to a lack or surplus of class availability we may adjust the class limitation.

โ— Coaches will record your attendance. If you are a no-show or cancel within 1 hour of class, you will lose one of your 4 weekly classes. The โ€œweekโ€ runs from Monday through Saturday.

โ— Hand sanitization will be available at the entrance and throughout the gym - please use it as needed.

โ— The shower will be out-of-service for the foreseeable future but restrooms will be available as normal.

โ— There will be no community chalk available at the gym. Please bring your own if required. We have a limited number of blocks available for $5 purchase. Please ask a coach for availability.

โ— We will not have any open gym times, including Sundays, at this time. Only designated class times will be available. The gym will be closed on Sunday for deep cleaning for the foreseeable future.

โ— We will not be accepting drop-ins or trials of any kind. Only active members will be allowed to register for class.

โ— We will be adjusting our schedule to allow for 30 minutes of cleaning between classes. The schedule is subject to change based on participation levels, governmental guidelines, or other various reasons that justify a change.

โ— The main entrance, lounge & shop area will be off-limits to members. If you wish to purchase something from the shop, please ask your coach for assistance.

Attending Class

โ— We will have the garage doors rolled up to reduce touchpoints. Please follow the designated entry/exit signs. Coaches will direct both entrance & exit from the gym. Please do not enter or exit until directed to do so. This is to ensure that we are operating under the maximum capacity allowed by the guidelines.

โ— Equipment will be laid out for all athletes so you wonโ€™t be congregating at any equipment location. Please respect any coach guidance in this regard.

โ— All coaches will wear face coverings or masks at all times.

โ— Per the guidelines from Douglas County, athletes are encouraged to wear a face-covering both when entering the facility and while in the facility. If you feel a face-covering inhibits your ability to participate in class, you are not required to wear one.

โ— Sharing equipment is not allowed unless by members of the same household.

โ— Please wipe down all your equipment after your workout. Coaches will also disinfect equipment and bathrooms between classes.

โ— If you are registered for class, you must participate in the daily workout. Coach approved modifications will be permitted.

โ— You will be required to leave at the conclusion of your registered class time. This means no one is currently allowed to stay for extra work, socialization, etc. within the gym.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone back in the gym in the coming weeks! Thank you all for your cooperation!

In health,

The CRFIT Team

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