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Announcing the CRFIT Progression Roadmap

As athletes of CRFIT, we have committed to improving our health & fitness. As we move from left to right along the sickness-wellness-fitness continuum (picture below), we now have a way to measure where you are, what your strengths & weaknesses are, and how to adapt workouts effectively for maximizing progress & safety. To do this we would like to introduce the Progression Roadmap (PR)

What is the PR?

The Progression Roadmap is a testing methodology across what we control inside the gym (exercise) and what we control outside the gym (mindset, nutrition, recovery, mobility/patterning & relationships).

What does it look like?

For every category, we will have 5 levels. Each of the top levels will be color-coded in the following order:

Green - Blue - Purple - Red - Black

For exercise, there will eventually be 5 sub-levels for each top-level, e.g. Green II, Green III for a total of 25 levels. You can self-assign a level to start with based on some criteria below but over time we will be adding tests to our programming to fully define where you are at in your fitness journey, and where you are strong and where you have the opportunity to color up.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this for a few different reasons; first, we will be adding the color levels to each workout so you instantly know how to appropriately tailor the workout to you. This will set you up for success in maximizing the intent of each workout and optimizing your fitness progress. Second, we want to give you a roadmap of progress, so that you can identify your weaknesses and spend time focusing on them to become a better all-around athlete. Third, we will be able to identify any weaknesses in the gym and gaps in our programming to better serve our entire fitness community.

How are the colors calculated?

The colors are calculated based on a series of tests that we have simplified below with 3 movements. The full set of tests encompass all 10 CrossFit skills including mono-structural tests, bodyweight & gymnastics tests, weightlifting tests, and metabolic conditioning tests. The tests are intended to be inclusive of everyone in the gym so our Back Squat tests range from 25lb goblet squats to 400lb back squats to include every level of athlete.

What color am I?

To start, we have given general guidelines of where you are based on 3 movements: Back Squat, Pull-up & Run. If you do not have exact numbers for these it's ok to estimate for now. As mentioned, we will be adding testing to our programming and expanding our testing list in the coming weeks. Your initial color will be the lowest of the 3 tests.


  • Guys:

  • Green - up to 115lbs x8 reps

  • Blue - 115lbs x8 to 205lbs x3 reps

  • Purple - 205lbs x3 to 275lbs x1 rep

  • Red - 275lbs to 335lbs

  • Black - 340lbs+

  • Girls:

  • Green - up to 80lbs x8 reps

  • Blue - 80lbs x8 to 135lbs x3 reps

  • Purple - 135lbs x3 to 185lbs x1 rep

  • Red - 185lbs to 220lbs

  • Black - 225lbs+


  • Guys:

  • Green - 0 Strict Pull-ups

  • Blue - 1-3 Strict Pull-ups

  • Purple - 4-10 Strict Pull-ups

  • Red - 11-20 Strict Pull-ups

  • Black - 21+ Strict Pull-ups

  • Girls:

  • Green - Less than 10s Chin over bar hold

  • Blue - 10s Chin over bar hold to 2 Strict Pull-ups

  • Purple - 3-7 Strict Pull-ups

  • Red - 8-14 Strict Pull-ups

  • Black - 15+ Strict Pull-ups


  • Guys - can run a mile in:

  • Green: >9:30

  • Blue: >8:30

  • Purple: >7:30

  • Red: >6:30

  • Black: <6:30

  • Girls - can run a mile in

  • Green: >10:30

  • Blue: >9:30

  • Purple: >8:15

  • Red: >7:00

  • Black: <7:00

How did you choose the colors?

We picked the 5 most popular colors in the US :-) and then we ordered them in a typical martial art belt sequence from Green to Black.

Do I have to follow this:

No, this is just a guide to help you out inside and outside the gym. You can also deviate from your designed color in a workout if you feel like it plays to your strengths or there is something specific you are trying to work on (e.g. Double Unders or TTB)

How do I log my workout in SugarWOD?

We will still be assigning Rx to certain colors (often just Black or Red & Black) so if you Rx a workout you can select "Rx", or if you modify from Rx (whether following a color or not), you can select "Scaled"

Is Black to Goal?

No, not for everyone - Black represents athletic potential. Depending on your age and goals, Blue/Purple may be a good place to strive for. For those competing in Rx divisions, or a sport outside of CrossFit, Red/Black would be a good goal for you, again depending on age group. The idea is to assess strengths & weaknesses and give people a roadmap to improve.

How do I level up?

We will be continuously testing and sharing all the color levels soon so you can see exactly where you are and test up to a new color or sub-color (one of the 5 levels within a color).

What about the other categories like Mindset & Nutrition?

Soon we will be rolling out tests in the other categories with the same color scheme so you can assess everything you have control over in improving your health & fitness.

I've assessed a big weakness - how do I improve?

Our daily programming is intended to progress everyone towards improved health & fitness and therefore progression on levels. However, if there is something that is not addressed often enough for improvement then speak with a coach and we will help you improve through small tips, custom programming or one-on-one or small group sessions.

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