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3-2-1 Friday - Hard choices, Compliments & Nutrition

Here are 3 thoughts from me, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question to consider this week… THREE TIPS A. Compliment others more. You’ll barely remember you did it, but the other person may never forget that you did. Kindness has unlimited upside. In contrast, don't rely on others complimenting you. You will be stronger and happier for it. B. Don't cover up an unhealthy diet with supplements.

Fruits & Vegetables come with so many nutrients that our first goal should be to maximize this opportunity. Ensure you are eating one or the other at every meal, including snacks. After that we can supplement with shakes, caffeine, etc. C. Whenever you see immediate success, you are being deceived.

What you are witnessing is the result of a commitment to positive previous choices, whether it was grinding, learning, consistency or all of the above. It was not a single decision, but all the accumulated power that was invested in before. The fuse was lit on a loaded cannon. TWO QUOTES A. "Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." - Jerzy Gregorek B. "There are three things you cannot buy. Fitness: You have to keep fit, whether you’re rich or not. Diet: You cannot pay someone to be on a diet for you. Then, looking after your soul. No one can possibly treat your soul but you yourself.” - Brunello Cucinelli (Italian Billionaire) ONE LINK Nutrition in 8 Minutes by E.C. Synkowski: Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

Coach Irish

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